Building begins

Dr. Fritz Eberhard, SDR Director General, turns the first sod.

June, 10th 1954

Operations commence

The transmitter goes into operation.

October, 29th 1955


Inauguration of the Stuttgart Television Tower.

February, 5th 1956


VHF transmitters for broadcasting radio programmes go into operation.

May, 27th 1956


An orientation ring is installed on the observation deck as a guide to the panoramic views.

August, 16th 1962

The Tower grows taller

The modified television antenna system goes into operation. The Tower gains 6 metres in height and now measures 217 metres.

December, 16th 1965

Programmes in colour

Arrival of colour television. A second transmitter is installed and the old one renewed.


Stage 3

The third generation of television is installed at the base of the Tower.

November 1974

Lunch break

The restaurant at the foot of the Tower is renovated.


Meeting point

Start of the Südwest 3 TV series "Treffpunkt Fernsehturm".

February 1981


A new VHF antenna goes into operation.

June, 23rd 1981


Reopening of the Television Tower's visitor facilities following a nine-month renovation period.

July, 13th 1983

The "Elephant" arrives

A newly-constructed gondola for cleaning the windows goes into operation.

June, 25th 1985

"Lichtzeichen" ("Light Signals")

The "Lichtzeichen" ("Light Signals") event: for five nights green and red lights climb up the Tower as a warning against the impending climate catastrophe. The project was realised by Ritter, a Pforzheim environmentalist company, in cooperation with Pforzheim University's School of Design.

March 1990

"Inter-Info" art project

For the Expo 93 International Horticultural Show the Slovenian artist Branko Smon spans three steel cables from the ground to the Tower pod. Attached to them and visible from afar are large, red, luminous windsocks that flutter playfully to and fro according to the force and direction of the wind.

May, 12th 1993

Cosmetic treatment

For the first time the Tower shaft undergoes thorough renovation, a complicated construction project dependent on prevailing weather conditions. Cosmetic repairs to the building are necessary because of cracks and erosion caused by weathering. In addition, the transmitter mast receives a new coat of paint.


Culinary delights

Catering contract signed with Willi Weber, Schumacher's manager. Armin Karrer takes over the running of the starred restaurant "Webers Gourmet".

Januar 1999

BASE jumps

The first legal BASE jumps (parachute jumps from fixed objects) take place with the world champion in parachute jumping, Klaus Renz, and an international troupe of BASE jumpers.

July 2001


Renewal of the entire elevator system and the entrance hall.


World Record attempt

The high-wire artist Johann Traber drives a "Smart" up the Television Tower

May, 20th 2004

First closure

The outer cladding of the Tower pod is renovated and the Tower closes for the first time. Owing to lack of funds, the restaurant and kitchen levels reMayn at the shell stage.

April - November 2005


Erection of the steel sculpture "Wegezeichen 7" by the famous Stuttgart sculptor Prof. Dr. O. H. Hajek.Ê

December 2005

Happy "Tower-Day"

The Television Tower celebrates its 50th anniversary.

February, 5th 2006


The television transmitters are shut down.

July 2006

High culture

First performances in the "Theater Ÿber den Wolken" ("Theatre above the Clouds").

November 2006

Historic Landmark

Fritz Leonhardt's 100th birthday. The Television Tower receives the title "Historic Landmark of German Engineering ".

July, 11th 2009

From top to bottom

Reopening of the catering facilities (café, restaurant, beer garden and shop) following a one-year period of modernisation.

September, 16th 2011

Tower closes

For the first time in 57 years, and after 27 million visitors had enjoyed the view with no accidents, the Tower now remains closed to the public by order of the city.

March, 28th 2013

Optimised fire safety standards

After an agreement is reached between the city of Stuttgart and the SWR Media Services GmbH, the operators of the Stuttgart Television Tower, regarding the funding and optimisation of the Tower's fire safety precautions, the period of structural conversion begins.

February 2015

Tower reopens

After nearly three years the Television Tower opens its doors to the public again and presents its new shop and entrance area, and of course the same wonderful views as before.

January, 30th 2016

60th anniversary

The Television Tower celebrates its 60th anniversary and is open 24 hours for the first time in its history on the day of its jubilee.

February, 5th 2016

Cost Development of the Tower


The 200-metre-high steel lattice mast originally planned was to have cost 190,000 DM.


Based on first drafts, Leonhardt estimates the additional cost of building a concrete tower as opposed to the lattice mast at 400,000 DM.

1,2 Mio.

July 1953: first calculations are somewhere between 950,000 and 1.2 million DM.

1,7 Mio.

October 1953: planning and funding discussions between the city administration and the SDR. The estimate mounts to 1.7 million DM.

4,2 Mio.

January 1955: the SDR broadcasting council concerns itself with the rising costs of the Tower. By the time the Tower was inaugurated in 1956, the cost of construction had reached 4.2 million DM. This amount was recouped in only five years through admission charges.

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