Visiting the Tower

Where can I find information on how to get to the Tower and where to park?
Detailed information on travel and parking facilities can be found here.
Which payment options are available?
You can pay by debit and credit card or cash.
What cannot be taken up the Tower for safety reasons?
• Glass bottles and glasses
• All kinds of animals (with the exception of guide dogs)
• Prams, skateboards, scooters, bicycles
• Large items of luggage, such as suitcases, trolley cases, rucksacks etc.
• Weapons, dangerous substances (e.g. compressed gas containers, fireworks etc.)

Storage facilities are available in the foyer.
Is the Television Tower open in all weathers?
The observation platform is closed when there is a gale warning. If in doubt, please phone in advance to check whether the Tower is open: Tel. +49 (0)711 232597.
Is prior registration required for groups or school classes?
No prior registration is required for groups of under 50 persons. For groups of 50 or more, please let us know the date and time of your intended visit by using our contact form. In order to avoid queuing at the ticket desk, you can buy adult group tickets there in advance for later use, though you may still have to wait to board the elevators.
Are there reductions for holders of state-subsidised social benefit passes, such as the Family Card?
We accept the City of Stuttgart's Family Card and Bonus Card. We regret that the State Family Pass is not valid at the Tower.
How long is my one-year ticket valid?
Your annual season ticket is valid for exactly one year from your first ascent of the Tower (independent of calendar year).
Can you send me admission tickets by post?
Unfortunately we cannot send you admission tickets by post.
Can I buy a gift voucher for the Television Tower?
Gift cards can be purchased from the Television Tower ticket desk for any amount you require. They can be used to ascend the Tower on the day of your choice, and/or exchanged for items from the shop. We regret that vouchers cannot be bought online or sent by post. For restaurant vouchers, please contact "Leonhardts" restaurant directly.


How many wheelchairs or rollator users can go up the TV Tower at one time?
Please note that no more than three wheelchairs or rollator users can go up the TV Tower at one time.
Observation platform
Access to the observation platform is not completely barrier-free. For structural reasons, there is a 10-cm raised sill at the threshold to the observation platform, but this is easy to negotiate with the help of a companion. Just ask our lift attendants if you require assistance – they‘ll be pleased to oblige. Particularly large wheelchairs (e.g. power wheelchairs) might not fit through the doors to the observation deck. If in doubt, please enquire about the measurements prior to your visit (telephone +49 711 929 14743). There is a aluminium balustrade on the platform obstructing the view for wheelchair users who are unable to stand up.
Panorama Café
There is barrier-free access to the Panorama Café. The windows there offer a view from a sitting position.
Guided Tours / Foundations
There are three stations on the guided tour: the terrace in front of the Tower, the foundations and the observation platform. As the foundations can only be accessed by means of a stairway, the tour is not entirely barrier-free. People with particularly large wheelchairs and/or those unable to stand up should also please read the information on Disabled access to the observation platform.


Guided Tours

How can I pay for my tickets?
Tickets for the after-work tour can be purchased either online or, if you have not booked online in advance, you can pay in cash, by debit or credit card at the ticket office on the day of the tour.
Can I purchase vouchers for a guided tour?
At present it is not possible to purchase vouchers specifically for guided tours. However, you can buy a Television Tower voucher which can then be redeemed against the price of a guided tour.

Alternatively, you can book a guided tour online and purchase it through popular online payment methods.
How can I buy tickets for a guided tour?
Tickets for the after-work tour must be purchased online in advance.
Unfortunately, annual pass holders currently do not have the opportunity to purchase tickets online. You will receive the tour ticket directly at the TV Tower ticket office.

Tickets for a group tour on the desired date can be purchased online. You will receive elevator tickets from our staff on the day of the tour.
Are cancellation fees due if I am unable to take part in the tour?
Tickets for the after-work tour can unfortunately not be canceled. For the group tour organized on your desired date, cancellation is possible free of charge up to six weeks before the date. In case of cancellation less than six but more than two weeks before the agreed date, 50% of the agreed total cost will be charged. In case of cancellation less than two weeks before the agreed date, 80% of the agreed total costs will be charged.
Can I join a tour without prior reservation?
Joining a After Work Guided Tour without a reservation is only possible if there are last-minute free places available – please enquire at the ticket desk or call 0711 929 14575.
Are guided tours available on days of the week other than Wednesdays?
We offer guided tours on the day of your choice for one to 30 persons (maximum) for 370 euro  (+ elevator tickets) in German and 425 euro  (+ elevator tickets) in English. These tours can be booked from Monday to Friday during the Tower's normal opening hours. No guided tours are available at weekends or on public holidays.
Are guided tours available for groups? And what is the maximum number of participants per tour?
We offer guided tours on the day of your choice for groups up to a maximum of 30 people. These tours cost 370 euros in German and 425 euros in English plus elevator tickets per person. For more than 30 persons two guided tours have to be booked, for more than 60 persons three guided tours and so on. The guided tours take place Tuesdays to Fridays during regular opening hours. The guided tour dates can be viewed and requested here: https://www.fernsehturm-stuttgart.de/de/besuch/booking.php?fuehrung. 
Can wheelchair users take part in guided tours?
Yes, in principle. We have room for up to three wheelchair users. However, the Tower tour is not entirely barrier-free, as the foundations can only be reached by a stairway. You can find more information on disabled access at the Television Tower here in the FAQ. 


Can I make a reservation at the Panorama Café and "Leonhardts" restaurant?
Unfortunately it is not possible to make reservations at the Panorama Café at the top of the Television Tower. Exceptions apply to the culinary events, which you can find here. By booking such an event, seats in the Panoramacafé are guaranteed (for the duration of the event).

You can, however, reserve a table at "Leonhardts", the restaurant at the foot of the Tower. To do so, please contact the restaurant directly, either by phone, Tel. +49 (0)711 914 298 00 or via e-mail.

Event Location

For what kind of events can I rent the event area in the Tower pod?
In general, you can hire the event location for both corporate and private functions such as gala dinners, business presentations, standing receptions or anniversary celebrations. Variable fittings allow the round event area to be used in a diversity of ways. We can provide chairs, tables, standing tables and lounge furniture. Please contact us at kathrin.schaeffler@swrmediaservices.de and we will suggest a concept for your event.
How long can I rent the event area for?
The minimal rental period is 6 hours. If you wish to rent the event location outside of the regular opening hours, we charge extra.
What does it cost to rent the location?
On the opening days (Tue - Sun), the rent for the minimum duration of 6 hours is € 1,900 during the opening hours.  Each additional hour costs € 360.  For rentals outside the Tower‘s normal opening times, each additional hour costs € 780. In addition, there are flat rate charges of € 240 for set-up and dismantling and € 120 for final cleaning.
On Mondays (closing day), you can rent the event location for an extra charge of € 2,500 and use the TV Tower exclusively without any other visitors.

All prices are gross prices.

The furniture, wireless Internet access and elevator tickets for up to 70 guests are included in the rental charge. These tickets are valid for repeated ascents on the day of the event. You also enjoy free parking spaces near the TV tower. For your individual offer please send an e-mail to kathrin.schaeffler@swrmediaservices.de.
Which catering options are available?
Catering can be conveniently arranged  with the "Leonhardts", the restaurant at the foot of the Tower. It can provide everything from drinks for conferences and nibbles, to a multi-course meal arranged to meet your own specifications. Please contact the restaurant directly at info@leonhardts-fernsehturm.de.
How many persons does the event area hold?
The event location can hold up to 70 people. Please contact us at kathrin.schaeffler@swrmediaservices.de for more information.

Weddings at the Television Tower

How can I fix a wedding date at the Television Tower?
Everybody who would like to get married on the SWR TV tower in Stuttgart should contact the registry office in Degerloch at 0711/216 609 16 or by e-mail at standesamt.degerloch@stuttgart.de to arrange a date. Dates are available every first Friday of the month.

Filming permits

Where can I get a filming permit for the Television Tower?
Filming permits are issued based on a case-by-case-assessment.  Please contact the following persons in charge at least 6 weeks in advance:

Media: Saskia Cramm, tel. +49 (0)711 929 13305, e-mail

All other inquiries: Kathrin Schäffler, tel. +49 (0)711 929 14741, e-mail
Can I fly my drone at the Television Tower?
For safety reasons, flying drones on the premises of the Television Tower, either privately or for commercial purposes, is basically prohibited.

Media may contact Saskia Cramm, tel. +49 (0)711 929 13305, e-mailat least 6 weeks prior to the shooting date.

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